To Remove Your Edible Photo from the Backing Sheet

The edible photo should peel off easily - DO NOT FORCE IT! If it is sticking to the backing sheetHumidity is the primary reason why the icing image gets stuck to the backing. Try the following 4 different techniques for removing your icing from the backing paper

Option 1: Edge of a table - Use the edge of a table to help release it. An important thing to note is that you are trying to peel the clear backing away from the icing, not the other way around, since the icing is very delicate. Run the backing sheet back and forth over the tabletop edge and you should see it starting to loosen.

Option 2: Pop in freezer - This is by far the easiest way of removing the icing if you are having issues. The humidity within a freezer is generally very low, and with the cold temperature the icing will harden up very quickly. The key to this is speed – we’re talking just a few seconds before the icing starts to return to its old state again. You can repeat this multiple times if necessary and use the table technique to help easy away the icing if necessary.

Option 3: place in fan oven - Another way the icing can be removed is through placing in a warm fan oven for around 10 minutes (warm, not hot – you’re not trying to burn them off!). The heated air will gradually remove the moisture sticking the icing to its backing.

Option 4: use a hair dryer - If you don’t have a fan oven, turn over the icing sheet onto its backing on a clean and dry surface, and use a hairdryer for a minute or two to dry out. Why turn onto its backing? With the force a hairdryer creates, facing down onto the sheet could risk the icing to peel up and break.

How to Apply Your Edible Photo

If you have a shop-bought cake or the icing on your cake has dried or formed a crust, a little moisture will help the photo attach to the icing and blend in. Dampen the cake icing using a pastry-brush or a fine mist/spray, but don't over-wet it. DO NOT WET THE PHOTO - this may cause the colours in the image to run.

Hold the photo gently at the edges and place the middle onto the cake first. If any bubbles or wrinkles appear gently pat them out with DRY fingers.

If you accidentally tear the icing - DON'T PANIC! Just rub very gently with a dry finger and it will merge back together, and the tear will disappear after an hour or so.

Your Finished Cake

After a few hours your picture will blend into the icing and look like it has been painted onto the icing. The time this takes, and the results will vary depending on how dry your icing is.

If you have used a very dry topping, or if you need to serve the cake straight away then pipe some icing around the image to hide any visible edges.